salitairSalitair salt air inhaler provides a natural way to maintain good respiratory health by utilizing an ancient method of breathing in salt vapors. For those who suffer from respiratory issues, Salitair is the perfect way to alleviate unpleasant symptoms in an all-natural, drug-free manner.


Salitaire is used in “Halotherapy” which is simply the practice of using a device just such as this one to breathe in the vapors from the rock salt crystals placed inside the inhaler. By inhaling the vapors via the Salitair mouthpiece, the microscopic salt particles are absorbed to permeate the respiratory system. This delivers benefits similar to those enjoyed by cultures throughout the world and for centuries have delved deep into the natural salt caves in order to breathe in the salty air and find relief from any respiratory issues.

In order to see the benefits of Salt Inhalation Therapy for yourself, just take a look at the most recent photographs of people who live near the Mediterranean and other large bodies of salt water. This atmosphere is constantly saturated with salt due to the high salt content of the surrounding bodies of water, and it has an astounding effect on the skin, leaving it clean and clear.

– Salitair comes ready to use
– Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning
– Customers submit rave reviews about the Salitair inhaler
FDA has approved the Himalayan salt pipe as a medical device

– It is possible to ingest these crystals, which can be very harmful.
– It’s effectiveness has not been verified.


Salitair Salt Inhalation Therapysalitair how it works
The best review of any product is the ratings of it’s users. Many satisfied customers have stated that the Salitair salt air inhaler has helped them breathe easier, has restored a good deal of their energy, and has led to better, more restful nights of sleep due to the ease of breathing and the absorption of the healing salt vapors. Try this product today and wake up to a healthier you tomorrow!

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