What is HGH?

hgh supplementThis is undoubtedly the first question that should be addressed. So, what is it? HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, and it is produced by the pituitary gland in our brains. The hormone carries out a large number of vital functions to our bodies, but probably the one it is most well known for is the stimulation of out growth. There are other valuable contributions to our development however such as cell production, increasing muscle mass as well as bone density, and it also plays a role in controlling sugar and insulin levels. Additionally the hormone helps keep our immune systems healthy. That’s quite a list, right!? Indeed it is. The hormone is produced in abundance when we are young, which is when we experience are greatest growth period and development. The bad news is that the hormone levels do begin to diminish when we start to head into our late twenties and thirties.

Studies of HGH
In the 1990’s, studies began being carried out on the effects of replenishing levels of HGH in our bodies beyond our adolescent years. The study that sparked international attention was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990. During the study, one group of men over 60 were given HGH supplements, whilst the other group of men (within the same age range) were given a placebo. Results indicated that those who had taken the supplements saw an increase in lean body mass and bone mineral. The idea of HGH supplements acting as an effective anti-aging measure was thus born.

Studies have not stopped there, and whilst some results produced support this theory, others do not. For example the study of 2007 carried out by Stanford University concluded that there was no link between HGH and the increase of lean body muscle. Some scientists believe that HGH supplements simply allow the body to store more water in the muscles which explains the findings in the 1990 study. The jury is still out therefore on the scientific fact that HGH supplements work as an effective anti-aging measure.

HGH Supplements
That has not stopped a wealth of products however being brought to market. The products claim that by boosting levels of the hormone in our bodies, all of the benefits and goodness that are produced by the hormone when we are young will continue throughout our lives. Claiming to be the most effective anti-aging measure on the market, as well as a legal and safe form of anabolic steroid, a variety of makes and models of the supplement have been developed. Each claims to be the genuine article whilst simultaneously rubbishing the rest.

The supplements can be administered in a number of ways. Pills and tablets are a popular and common method due mainly to the ease of taking them, and being one of the cheapest options. HGH sprays are another cost-effective way of ingesting the supplements, either orally or as a nasal spray. There is not proof however that the hormone, once sprayed can be successfully absorbed through the mouth or nose lining and into the blood stream to be taken around the body. The most expensive option is a course of injections. These are only administered at private clinics however as a physician does not prescribe HGH supplements by any means as an anti-aging or muscle boosting measure. In the rare cases when a doctor does prescribe HGH supplements, it is as a last resort due to the high cost and lengthy time period it involves and only for those few cases when a person genuinely suffers from an HGH deficiency in their bodies.

HGH Side Effects
There have been reports of negative side effects of the HGH supplements. Joint swelling and pain is the most common report, with carpal tunnel syndrome developing being reported in a number of more serious cases. There have also been links to an increased risk of diabetes. Even more alarming, there have been reports of people developing mental disorders such as dual-personality disorder which have led to normally placid people carrying out random acts of violence.

Whilst debate still rages as to the benefits of boosting levels of HGH in our bodies, nonetheless there are many who tout the positive effect it has had on their lives. Those that hail it as a wonder drug however do always say it is vital to be combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

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