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What You Need to Know About Brestrogenbrestrogen
(My Personal Review)

Women are often defined by the size and appearance of our breasts and we tend to develop our self esteem around them. Many factors can affect the size and shape of them as well as their firmness. Aging has an impact and so does pregnancy and nursing. Weight gain and loss are also contribute to changes in a woman’s breasts.

When a woman has doubts about the way she looks or feels, it can affect every other aspect about her. Brestrogen was scientifically formulated to help firm up breasts that are beginning to soften and sag, and add size for those that want naturally larger breasts.

When I heard of Brestrogen, I didn’t know what to think. I had been contemplating surgery, but the cost kept me from taking serious steps in that direction. Not only that, but I had known a couple of friends who had surgery and their breasts were never quite right after that and they were devastated.

I knew I wasn’t happy with the way mine looked anymore and longed for the fullness and firmness from my youth. I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least find out more about Brestrogen.

What is Brestrogen and How Does It Work?

Brestrogen is a natural breast enhancement cream that you apply regularly to your breasts that will help firm them up and gradually increase their cup size. The cream contains a special nutrient that is derived from a plant extract, called Pueraria Mirifica and this nutrient has been proven to have a positive impact on breast size and firmness.

You simply apply the cream to your breasts twice a day and the cream and the Pueraria Mirifica naturally does the rest. According to the science of this product, Pueraria Mirifica contains specific nutrients that, when absorbed into the skin, help to boost the size of the cells in the mammary glands.

What Are the Promises of Brestrogen?

Whenever I look for specific products, I want to know what the promises are and whether they live up to that promise. With Brestrogen, the manufacturer states that women can expect up to a full cup size increase in breast size in 6-7 weeks of using Brestrogen regularly and consistently.

They also state that when using Brestrogen consistently for 5-6 months, women can enjoy up to a 2 cup size increase.

How Effective is Brestrogen at Helping Boost Breast Size?

Now, let’s get to the heart and supple details about whether Brestrogen really works. A quick search online for customer reviews points to the fact that most women are more than ecstatic about the results. So of course I was convinced to give this a try. I was skeptical, but ready to try.

After all, when you think about your breasts, especially if you have some years behind you, a couple of kids, and the simple and consistent force of gravity working against you, how can you not?

As I said, though, I was skeptical.

Brestrogen Results

I applied the Brestrogen cream twice a day as directed, once in the morning when I stepped out of the shower and once in the evening while I was getting ready for bed. I found the application process actually pleasurable because not only does it feel good, the cream has a lovely, fragrant aroma that reminds me of a distant vacation spot.

Within a couple of weeks, I began to notice changes. At first, I figured it was just my overactive, and hopeful, imagination. But soon my bra was getting tighter and after about 5 weeks, I was forced to go shopping (I know, I know … that’s so bad, right?) for new bras!


I have now been using Brestrogen for about three months and I can say that this product really does work! I remember what I was thinking at the time I learned about this product and I’m so glad I tried it.

Brestrogen has not only helped firm up my breasts and added one full cup size, but it’s given me back my self confidence that I had lost to my younger days. If you’re feeling down about your breasts, Brestrogen can change your life.

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